Rules of Gym Partner

'Do's 1. Always be punctual 2. Provide moral support to your gym partner 3. Check your time-table 4. Find a suitable time to train together 5. Be nice to each other

'Dont's 1. Do not have ulterior motives 2. Do not impose on your gym partner 3. Do not fake your identity 4. Adhere to the norms of workout: warm-up, stretching and cooling-down, progressive increase in duration and intensity 5. Do not compete with each other

How to become a Gym-Partner?

All you have to do is provdie us the following details: 1. Name: 2. Age: 3. Sex: 4. Gym-Partner Preference : Male / Female / either 5. Preferred time: 6. Gym location: 7. e-mail: 8. Referring friend: (if any) 9. Telephone no: (kept confidential) Kindly fill up all the fields and send them to We will send you an e-mail and request for activation. Upon account activation, your request will be posted e.g. Female Gym-partner wanted at XYZ gym, Kuala Lumpur . Prefer to work out between 7pm - 10pm. Kindly contact

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Male Gym-partner wanted at California Fitness

A 23yrs old Chinese male looking for a male gym-partner at MID VALLEY CALIFORNIA FITNESS. Prefers morning or afternoon. Kind contact him at